Preparation Method:

The Flamenquín is one of the principle element that better represents the traditional Cordovan cuisine.
The classic Flamenquín is based on a good Serrano ham rolled up in a delicious hog fillet or calf, coated in breadcrumbs and then fried.
Here it is the traditional recipe with 4 more different types of fillings: with cheese, hard eggs, peppers or even with the chorizo..
It’s essential to eat the plate with French fries and a little bit of mayonnaise to make the dish complete and delicious!
1. Put the fillets is a row and  flatten with a rolling pin.
2. Put the Serrano ham on the top of the fillet and roll it together.
3.Churn the eggs in a round plate.
4. Add salt and right after that put it in the flour.
5. At the end immerse it in the grated bread.
6. Fry the whole with hot oil.
It was created during the 1950s in a restaurant in the city of Andújar (Jaén). It owes its name, which translates literally to “little fleming”, to the fact that its golden color, deriving from the egg used in the batter, resembled the blond hair of the Flemings who came to Spain accompanying the Emperor Charles V.
The size of the finished roll ranges from a small ball, up to pieces 40 centimetres long, and can be served sliced or as a whole.
Enjoy the complete recipe here!


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