Where does the word come from?

The word ‘guay’ is very old. There are many texts in the past that refer to this word. The first origin is gypsy and was a synonym for ‘ay’. The latter expression was used to complain or make a threat by saying “¡Guay de mí!”.

The word also appears in important medieval works such as ‘La Celestina’ (1499) by Francisco de Rojas. Some hypotheses claim that the word derived from Arabic and referred to the sale of substances such as hashish. The word was used to indicate the quality of the product.

From there, crossing the straits to Andalusia, it evolved into the ‘guay’ we all know. The third theory is that the current meaning was acquired in the 20th century, thanks to the phonetic coincidence with the English word ‘gay’, which translates as ‘funny’ or ‘brilliant’.

What does the word mean today?

The term is still present and widespread. The world of advertising and the entertainment industry has infantilised it and it has become a term of endearment for younger audiences. Many cartoon series use the term in their Spanish dubbing. This ensures its permanence among a new generation who, in their hearts, will think that when they see something beautiful, it is ‘cool’.

The Real Academia Española says that the word means ‘very good, wonderful’.

Why have we chosen this word?

It is a commonly used expression in colloquial language. Especially among young people it is used a lot.

Are there synonyms for this word?

Synonyms for this word can be: good, great, great, great, excellent.


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